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Personal View: ‘Made In China’ Causes Huge Dismay Only In The Case of Olympic Uniforms?

photo belongs to Ralph Lauren/AP Photo

By: Ayanna Michelle

A couple of days ago, the media broke the “shocking” story of the U.S. Olympic uniforms, designed by Ralph Lauren being made in China. Americans, Congress members included, expressed outrage, dismay and comments like “What were they thinking?”. What, indeed. “No shit” I said to myself as I watched the Good Morning America anchors revealing the billion dollars that could have been kept in the country and the countless jobs it could have created. They nodded in agreement with the negative comments about the incident and spoke in disapproving tones. I sat on my bed, shaking my head at the display that was on my television screen.

How dare they? How could the classic all-American brand, Ralph Lauren send our Olympic competitors over to the U.K. in garb made in China? It’s an outrage! A scandal!

Yes. Quite. My initial reaction? Amusement. The American people are something else, I thought to myself. Why would a company who manufactures all of their products in a foreign country simply for the sake of greed suddenly be compelled to, as Spike Lee would have so eloquently put it, do the right thing?

I personally have never been drawn to Ralph Lauren apparel (except the childrens wear, which I do find charming and have purchased a few items for my little ones before my pledge to to chic conservation). However, as a student and lover of fashion, I do understand the mass appeal. What I don’t understand is the blatant disregard the brand, and many others like it, have for humanity and environmental well-being.

More-over, I don’t understand why more people don’t care and aren’t upset about a company’s practices until it’s time for us to send a bunch of people overseas to compete for a gold medal. And as far as Congress is concerned, as people in positions of power; educated, dignified, upstanding citizens that they are, why aren’t they doing anything within their power to change things?

I suppose it doesn’t too much matter until we’re in danger of being embarrassed. Now that’s the American way.

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